The best weight loss programs for women over 50

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Why did you click on a page named the best weight loss programs for women over 50?

Let me take a wild guess It’s because of …

The dreaded menopausal weight gain.

As any lady over 50 will tell you, when Menopause comes it brings with it an array of issues.Ranging from hormonal disorders, hot flashes, insomnia …


and of course, all the extra pounds that are oh so persistent.

Though Weight gain plagues the majority of people, women over 50 are the most vulnerable.

So how can a woman over 50 lose weight?

The first thing that comes to mind is Diet.

However, the world of dieting is confusing and archaic. Sometimes it can seem impossible to know which diets are worth it and which do more harm than good.

When I started my weight loss journey I wasted quite a lot of time testing different diets to see what worked and what didn’t.

In this article, I propose my top favorite diet programs for women over 50.

These programs are tried and true.

 They work, they boost our metabolism, and they are good for our health.

Without further ado here are the best weight loss programs for women over 50.

 Famous for its rich flavors and delicious wine …….

The Mediterranean diet (or more accurately the Mediterranean lifestyle)

A table of seafood and salad, wine, cutlery and wild flowers in the diary

Once upon a time before the age of burger king and McDonald…

The Mediterranean people had a diet based on fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, seafood, olive oil and the occasional glass of red wine. Meat, eggs, and dairy were only rarely consumed.

During this time their rates of chronic disease were among the lowest in the world and they had one of the highest life expectancies.

This is why many doctors and nutritionists recommend this diet not only for weight loss but also its array of health benefits.

Even The American Heart Association back-up’s this diet by stating that “People who follow the average Mediterranean diet eat less saturated fat than those who eat the average American diet. In fact, saturated fat consumption is well within our dietary guidelines.

Why the Mediterranean diet is your healths friend:

1-This diet will Reduce your risk of muscle weakness and fragility by about 70%.

2- IT Raises your HDL cholesterol (your good cholesterol) and lowers your LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol), all of which can, in turn, reduce your risk of heart disease (according to the Lyon diet heart study).

3-A Mediterranean diet is high in fiber which is slowly digested and prevents huge swings in blood sugar.

*This is why it helps you maintain a healthy weight.

4-Its High levels of antioxidants can prevent cells from undergoing a process called oxidative stress (which is the main driving force of aging) halving the risk of Parkinson’s disease, as well as reducing the risk of cancer.

5-It reduces your risk of all-cause mortality (Death in general) by 20%.

But, what can I eat while following a Mediterranean diet? 

This diet focuses on adding healthy varieties of flavors to your food without increasing your intake of salt and saturated fat.

The good news:

…There are very few forbidden foods!


Minimize your consumption of sodium. And opt for some of these healthier alternatives: herbs and spices.

Such as basil, garlic, and thyme.

These can add incredible flavors to your meals without harming your health.

Replace butter with olive oil for your cooked dishes.


According to The American heart association olive oil is a good replacement  for the other sources of fat in your diet (do not use it in addition to your other sources of fat).

Beware of overusing olive oil. I personally get enraged when I see articles instructing people to drink cups of olive oil when following a Mediterranean diet(yes articles like that do exist).

If you do use olive oil, use it sparingly no more than 5 tablespoons a day. You will not be able to lose weight otherwise, as olive oil is very high in calories.

The Mediterranean diet gives a lot of focus on physical activity.

Being active was a big part of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

When following this programme you should exercise at least once a day.

The most important thing …….


A big part of the Mediterranean lifestyle(that is often overlooked) is the importance of community. Sharing your meals, going out with friends. Having gathering’s with family and caring about the people that surround you is an indispensable part of this lifestyle.

So in summary what are the Pros and cons of this diet?


• Helps you improve your health (The New England Journal of Medicine).
• It is very easy to follow.
• It focuses on community.


• Is not a precise diet that tells you exactly what to eat.
• It requires a lot of physical activity.

The trending weight loss program for women over 50…

 Intermittent Fasting

There are many types of intermittent fasting but the most popular method consists of eating in a fixed window of time during the day and fasting for the rest of the day.

For example, this is what a day of intermittent fasting would look like: fasting from 6 am to 2 pm and eating from 2 pm to 8 pm.

This ensures a daily period of at least 16 hours of not eating (8 hours during the day and 8 hours when you are sleeping).

How does it work?

Well, intermittent fasting is a type of caloric restriction: the principle behind it is simple…

…If you spent less time of your day eating, you will eat less.

And During the hours of fasting, the body will draw from its stocks of fat and in turn, you will lose weight.
But ill be ravenous…

How on earth can I stop eating for 8 hours every day and still keep my sanity? (okay I must admit that was a little dramatic .)


Well, what is interesting about this diet is: when you are fasting you don’t actually get hungry.

I know it amazing.

Though there are only a few studies on the subject of intermittent fasting many people have testified to the benefits of this diet for weight loss. And I personally think this is a great way to jumpstart your weight loss journey.

It helps you build self-control in an easily achievable manner.

But how much should I eat ? What should I eat?  How much exercise should I do?

Why I love this method so much:

You can eat whatever you want. You can eat how much you want. And exercise is not required(although I strongly recommend exercising with any diet you are following to get faster results)



Now, if you are anything like me you have a job to do, a family to take care of and spending a lot of time preparing meals and exercising is sometimes not an option. That is why intermittent fasting is a great weight loss program for women over 50. It is very flexible and easy to implement in our busy lives.

The Pros:

• This method is very flexible.
• It is not restrictive.
• Helps you build self-control.

The cons:

• It can be difficult at first.
• Not many studies have been made to support this diet.

The most effective weight loss program for women over 50…

 A plant-based whole foods diet

Plant based colorful smoothie bowl for article about the best weight loss programs for women over 50

A plant-based whole foods diet eliminates completely the consumption of animal products.

While focusing heavily on whole unrefined and unprocessed plant foods.

In other words, you can eat as many plants as you like as long as they are in their whole form. While occasionally, consuming refined plant foods.

But how can I tell if something is a whole food or not?

Nuts and nut butters, seeds, beans, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits are all whole foods.

But oils are not whole foods. Because oils are a refined product.

Let’s take the example of olive oil. It is a single component of an olive that has been extracted to give us olive oil.

This is not considered a whole plant food.

Another example is whole grain flour. It is a whole food because all the components of the wheat berry are still in the final product.

What about plant-based milk and tofu?

All these foods can be eaten in abundance in a whole food plant-based diet.

However, in the case of coconut milk, I would advise you to only consume it in moderation if you are trying to lose weight. Because it is very high in calories.

WARNING: Do not confuse a plant-based diet with a vegan diet .Veganism is an ethical movement which seeks to exclude as far as possible the exploitation of animals. Not every vegan is healthy or fit. Not all vegan food is healthy or weight loss promoting. No, eating non-dairy ice cream is not going to help you lose weight. (yes I know it’s sad but you can’t eat your cake and have it too).

A Whole food’s plant-based diet is the best diet to stay healthy:

It greatly reduces the risk of various cancers: colon cancer prostate cancer and breast cancer to name a few.

It can even reverse hyperlipidemia or slugged blood, obesity,  type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease aka heart disease.

This is according to The American Dietetic Association.

– But can a plant-based diet help me lose weight?

the answer is…

Yes, Weight loss starts as early as the first week of a whole food plant based diet and continues with time.


      A  plant-based diet is one of the best weight loss programs for women over 50 for this very reason …

Eat more to weigh less:

– This research, published in The Journal of Nutrition and Diabetes shows: significant weight loss is possible without counting calories. They took 33 people and told them to eat as many fruits vegetables and starches as they wanted(yes all the pasta your heart desires) with small amounts of oils nuts and seeds



They also did not require them to do exercise.

After the study, the subjects had lost a significant amount of weight while eating more food.

Yes, you heard that right they ate more food and lost a lot of weight in the process. No exercise required.

But how?

Well, the answer is fiber. In the words of Doctor Neil Bernard :

“All you eat in a plant-based diet is made of plants and plants are high in fiber, the fiber holds a lot of water and fills you up, you can eat as much as before, but you consume fewer calories.
The fiber is slowly digested, it keeps your blood glucose level at the lowest level, and frees you from the feeling of hunger.

But there is more…

The Metabolism of women following a whole food plant based diet increases by 16% after each meal!
This makes up for our slowing metabolisms as we age. And It is why a whole food plant-based diet, is the perfect weight loss program for women over 50.

MY experience:

During my weight loss journey after I lost my first 20 pounds, I stopped losing weight no matter what little I ate, and how much exercise I was doing.

And that is when I decided to go on a plant-based diet.

And let me just say it was the best decision I have ever made for my health in general.

Not only did I lose a lot of weight and I am still losing weight. I had more energy and it made me more motivated to workout, and do exercise.


  •  It is very beneficial to your health.
  • It is the most effective diet when I come to weight loss.
  • No exercise needed.
  • You never go hungry.
  • It boosts your metabolism.



  •  It requires a lot of change.
  • It is a little more challenging than other diets.


The best  weight loss programs for women over 50 should all have these attributes:

-They are  Age appropriate.

– These diets take into account the health state of a person.

-They fit a woman’s individual needs and lifestyle.

But the most important factor in weight loss is whether you can stick to a diet and follow through with it.

Your plate should give you pleasure, not frustration.

Or else you will be doomed to failure.

That is it for today’s article, leave me a comment if you have any questions. I am more than happy to help my fellow gals out. Follow me on twitter for my exclusive weight loss tip of the day. Check out some of my Pinterest boards If you are interested in seeing delicious recipes for weight -loss.

And dont forget to stay motivated and patient. Reach your goals slowly but surely.

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