How important is physical activity In weight loss?

I’ll start this off by saying that sport is very beneficial for your health in general. One cannot live a healthy or fulfilled life without it. However, when it comes to weight loss sport is only 25 percent of the equation. This is according to Dr. Shawn M. Talbott a nutritional biochemist and former director of the University of Utah Nutrition Clinic.


Certainly, physical activity is important, but alone it remains an incomplete method for weight loss. To achieve good results you need a combination of a good diet and exercise.

At this point, some of you might be asking the following …

…. If sport is only secondary to weight loss, why even bother?

well here is why:

  1. Exercise is a powerful metabolism booster: When you exercise you burn calories during your workout but you are also increasing your metabolism. Therefore, you are burning calories all day long.
  2. Sports help you preserve and increase your lean body mass (or muscles): When you lose weight you are losing fat in addition to muscle. If you exercise properly then you can prevent muscle loss and even gain new muscle tissue.
  3. Physical activity will help tighten your skin during weight loss: It is not uncommon for people to get loose skin after they slim down. The best way to minimize and combat that is by toning up your body through exercise.
  4. And finally working out is great for your health, both mentally, emotionally and physically.

What are the best sports for women’s weight loss?

A great workout needs to be challenging but not too hard. In addition to that, it needs to be fun and effective.

As a woman over 50, I also put a big Emphasize on safety, I do not follow workout plans that may harm my body or cause me injuries.

That being said my favorite sports routines are the following :

  • Tabata workouts
  • Yoga
  • Strength training for women
  • HIIT workouts
  • Swimming
  • Circuit workout
  • Walking or hiking.

In conclusion, I know it can be very difficult to workout especially if you have never done it before.

However, if you don’t start today you will never reach your goals.