There is only one pillar to losing weight …

It’s diet.

Don’t get me wrong!

Exercise is very important however outperforming a bad diet is impossible.

No matter how much you walk or how much aerobic you do losing weight is not achievable with a bad diet.

But, If you control what you eat and how much you eat slimming down will be a breeze.

However, it isn’t so easy to find a good diet plan when you are over 40.

I found that out the hard way…


How I started


At 48,I put on an extra 7 pounds.

At first, I was not very worried about it. After all, 7 pounds isn’t that much weight.

I told myself that it was normal to gain a few pounds at my age.

I told myself I would go on a diet and lose those extra pounds in no more than a month.

Well. make a long story short I kept putting of that diet until I was 50 and my situation worsened substantially.

In just two years I had gained 44 pounds.

I ballooned from 165 pounds to 209 pounds.


How fad dieting led me to sickness.


I was panicked …

And willing to try any diet as long as I would lose those 44 pounds.

SO … I went on a yo-yo style diet.

I was not allowed to eat starches. No pasta, no bread, no rice, no corn. I could only have fruit twice a week. Snacking was forbidden from eating after 6 pm was a big red light ..etc

At the time it seemed like a reasonable thing to do.

As a matter of fact, when I was younger I used to try a new fad diet every spring to get ready for beach season.

This diet didn’t seem very restrictive to me in comparison to what I was trying in my teens and twenties.

I persisted and stuck to it in hopes of good results.

If I get results then it’s worth it , right?

Well …

After 3 months of this diet, I was 3 pounds lighter.Woohoo!

But that was not all ladies I also lost a lot of hair, I lost all my energy …and I got anemia.

All that effort and discipline so I can become anemic.( in hindsight, It was very foolish of me to follow such a diet without the supervision of my doctor)

As you can imagine I was devastated by my first experience. but I did not want to give up.

How could I give up?

I wanted to feel beautiful again. I wanted to fit in all my favorites clothes and look good in them.

So after I recovered, I decided to give dieting a second chance.

This time I made sure to be supervised by my doctor and to look for a program that is adapted to women over 40.


How research helped :


During my quest, I realized that there were very few weight loss websites online dedicated to women my age. This pushed me to look deeper and do my own research.

I started reading scientific research in order to find the healthiest most effective diets. I noted their common points and differences.

And finally with the blessing of my doctor. I started trying them out.

I gave each diet a fair shot and stuck to it for 3 months.

And here is what I realized

suitable diets for women my age all consist of these things:

  • they are all focused on bettering your health.
  • These diets are not restrictive you can eat until you are full.
  • The most successful diets for women over 40 are very flexible and easy to follow.

Doing my own research had helped me lose weight

melissa rivers before and after

but also helped me gain a lot of knowledge about dieting and healthy living in general.

That is why I created this website to help women going through the same find valuable information.

Here you can find healthy delicious recipes that I and my family enjoy. The best diets for women over 40.

And my review of new trending diets. Where I pick a diet that is trending and I see if it matches my criteria for a good diet and then try it myself to see the results.

Look around the website to find out more about losing weight after 40.